Nice to meet you

I’m Cheryl, a UX researcher and Master’s student in HCI at Georgia Tech on the lookout for full-time opportunities for May 2018.

I love triangulating qualitative and quantitative research techniques to learn user attitudes and behaviors towards existing or yet-to-be-invented products! My psychology background helps me to better empathize with users while putting them at ease, sometimes via hybrid/guerrilla methods that I created. It’s always a learning experience taking the insights I’ve found to design experiences that users would enjoy and engage with.

My academic interest lie in social computing and answering questions around human behavior manifested in online social footprints. My master’s project falls within this space and it’s also my attempt to expand my subset of quantitative methods beyond surveys to include computational data mining.


“In our leisure we reveal what kind of people we are” – Ovid

While I am passionate about UX, I do have a life outside of school and work! These are the things I pursue in my free time by myself or with a group of friends. It’s my avenue for de-stressing, socializing, exploration and inspiration.

I an a HUGE fan of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Also, I think the switch games are awesome

We’re talking about gâteau and fraisiers, not brownies or chocolate chip cookies.

If I could hike every weekend, I would.

Bang and Dixit are my favorite